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Online Presence and Branding for Small Australian Business

“ Cloud Bazaar is an affordable Digital Marketing Agency providing you with the best customer service and business growth solutions. 

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Founder - Cloud BAZAAR

Cloud BAZAAR helps Sole Traders and Small Business gain online credibility with a professional image.

Cloud BAZAAR is based in Melbourne, and thanks to modern cloud technology, we can provide our service to sole traders and small business across Australia.

Welcome to Cloud BAZAAR. We opened our doors in 2021 after much research we have an affordable service offer that provides fully integrated solutions to help small business owners save time and money by having a high performing website supported by strong unique branding

Cloud BAZAAR offers a host of cloud based digital solutions  to help you grow your business.

Businesses are moving more of their operations online, and digital channels are expected to become the primary methods of reaching customers in the coming years.

Our pricing is OPEN and TRANSPARENT

We're here to help.  We offer monthly and yearly cloud hosting plans for all of your business needs. For businesses just getting started, or for businesses with an existing online profile, we offer affordable digital solutions.

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